OSHA Compliance Consulting

Safety Aspects is an Authorized Outreach Trainer

As an authorized OSHA Outreach Trainer, Safety Aspects LLC has provided OSHA Safety Training and Compliance Consulting to a variety of businesses and organizations.

  • Educational Institutions
  • Small Businesses
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction Services
  • General Contracting Services

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OSHA Compliance Consulting

Compliance Assessments

Safety Aspects offers professional OSHA compliance assessments for your jobsite and workplace.

Upon our visit we will thoroughly review all operations to determine whether you have compliance issues related to OSHA Safety Regulations.

These regulations are complex and ever changing so it’s important to call a company that has the experience and up-to-date training to spot these issues before an actual OSHA inspection results in serious citations.

Following our inspection, Safety Aspects will provide you with an itemized assessment that identifies the specific area of non-compliance, the severity of potential safety violations, and clearly defined steps that you can take to resolve the issues.

Included in your OSHA Compliance Assessment:

  • Initial consultation to review your goals and any potential citation concerns
  • A review of the status of required training for your personnel 
  • A thorough tour of your facility and all operational areas
  • Itemized assessment that identifies the specific area of non-compliance
  • Additional details for severity of potential safety OSHA safety regulation violations
  • Clearly defined steps that you can take to resolve the issues
  • Training recommendations to bring your workers into compliance with certified OSHA training requirements

Accredited studies show that for every $1 invested in safety, companies can expect to see a $3 to $6 return on investment. Contact Safety Aspects today to move your company toward complete OSHA compliance.

Mock Inspections

Safety Aspects can help you take a proactive approach to OSHA Safety Training so you are properly prepared for a potential inspection.

A mock inspection will give you the information you need to know if you are OSHA complaint. If you choose to wait until you have an inspection and receive numerous citations, you could reduce your available options and your time to correct the violations.

Safety Aspects can arrange a mock OSHA inspection with one of our safety and health consultants. We will then follow up with an assessment and plan of action.

Safety Consulting

Customized Training Plans

Safety Aspects can create a customized training plan based on your OSHA Compliance Assessment. This will provide your company with the fastest and most cost-effective path to compliance.

Each workplace and jobsite are different. And they have different training needs based on the aspects of the project, the skills and trades on the job, and their level of up-to-date training. We can customize a comprehensive plan to reach compliance and help keep your workers safe.

Responding to OSHA Citations

With our detailed OSHA Compliance Assessment, Safety Aspects can help you create an action plan for responding to OSHA regulation citations. 

OSHA fines can be costly and it is our goal to help our clients significantly reduce or completely eliminate their  fines. OSHA officials may grant companies that are in “good faith” that have hired a safety consultant a 20% reduction.

Once the informal conference has concluded, our OSHA compliance specialists will work with your company to create a proactive action plan with the goal of resolving outstanding issues and getting your case closed as fast as possible.